Development orientation

Development orientation

“Professional parts, high-quality product Together we develop”  

In the current stage, our production and business activities are developing based on multi possession about the capital; the company capital is combined by shareholders. Therefore, ECO is confident about the finance capacity, equipment, human resources in order to manufacture the diversified and complicated products and require the high accuracy about the technical.

ECO’s trade mark is still new on the market; but many products appeared on the market and highly appreciated by the customers.

From 2022, the target of company is focused on developing the mechanical products supporting for automobile and motorbike production industry, printers, sewing machines…Our targets are good quality, competitive price and green products.    

Besides, ECO are expanding the production and business for motor core products, turbin products…and mechanical products, electrical and electronic products, developing the exact mechanical and mold & die.    

Strengthen to research the technology, production procedure, quality assessment procedure, keep training and improving the capacity for the staffs and workers, maintain and ensure the working environment according to 5S in order to enhance the quality as well as the productivity and satisfy all the requirements of the customers.    

In the trend of integration and competitive, ECO hope to cooperate closely and long term with the enterprises manufactured in Viet Nam and the foreign enterprises want to invest in Viet Nam as well as appeared in Viet Nam in order to develop the technology and cooperate in the big projects.  



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